about Evelyn GameDev

I studied game development on my own. And now I'm a full-time indiedev.

My life changed dramatically when I discovered the Unity game engine.

It is very exciting to create something. And I would like to create products and services that are useful for creators' activities.

GameDev Skills
  • Unity
  • Blender
Other Skills
  • WebDev (React.js)
  • Video Editing (After Effects)
My Assets
Humanoid Static PosesMore DetailHumanoid Static Poses
No Coding Easy LocalizationMore DetailNo Coding Easy Localization
My Philosophy of Action

I taught myself programming out of the joy of creating products, and now I can make a living at it. Based on this experience, I would like to develop services and software to support creators' activities.

My Apps
VRM Posing DesktopMore DetailVRM Posing Desktop
VRM Posing MobileMore DetailVRM Posing Mobile
Animal PosingMore DetailAnimal Posing
Monster PoserMore DetailMonster Poser
Rpg PoserMore DetailRpg Poser