about Evelyn GameDev

I studied game development on my own. And now I'm a full-time indiedev.

My life changed dramatically when I discovered the Unity game engine.

It is very exciting to create something. And I would like to create products and services that are useful for creators' activities.

GameDev Skills
  • Unity
  • Blender
Other Skills
  • WebDev (React.js)
  • Video Editing (After Effects)
My Assets
Humanoid Static PosesMore DetailHumanoid Static Poses
No Coding Easy LocalizationMore DetailNo Coding Easy Localization
My Philosophy of Action

I taught myself programming out of the joy of creating products, and now I can make a living at it. Based on this experience, I would like to develop services and software to support creators' activities.

My Apps
VRM Posing DesktopMore DetailVRM Posing Desktop
VRM Posing MobileMore DetailVRM Posing Mobile
Animal PosingMore DetailAnimal Posing