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How to get over 1000 subscribers on Youtube

Marketing will be much easier if you have social networking following.

Marketing is the most critical issue for individual game and app developers. No matter how great a product you develop, it is meaningless if there are no people to use it.

I run a Youtube channel, and the number of subscribers has been steadily increasing. And I use it to promote my activities.

In this article, based on my experience running a Youtube channel, I will show you what you need to keep in mind to get more than 1000 subscribers on your Youtube channel.

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Since many indie developers like myself cannot spend much money on marketing and advertising, they need to run their SNS.

Benefits of IndieDev running Youtube.
  • More opportunities to let many people know about your activities.
  • We can support stores that require Youtube video links, such as Google Play.
  • Earn revenue from products other than those you have developed.

Enough activity to not be a burden on development.

Continuation is most important.

Marketing measures are only effective when there is a product to announce.

It is sufficient to post videos to the extent that it is not unreasonable to develop the product.

Also, don't be in a hurry just because you don't see an immediate increase in channel subscribers. Develop and post videos every day at your own pace.

Upload educational videos to increase search inflows.

Many people are often not interested in your project.

People who do not know your project in the first place will not arrive at your project trailer video from a search.

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If your product name is not well-known, to begin with, not many people will find out about you from a search. In such cases, I recommend uploading educational videos.

What happened when I uploaded my educational contents.
  • The videos caught in searches, and the number of subscribers to the Youtube channel began to increase.
  • I feel more comfortable during development because of the revenue generated through Youtube.
  • When development is busy, we no longer have to force ourselves to update Youtube videos.

It is easy to continue by disseminating knowledge and tips gained in development.

You will learn and discover a lot as you develop your product. It would be a waste to keep that knowledge to yourself.

By sharing what you have learned, many people will also know, and at the same time, they will gain trust in you.

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Let's run a Youtube channel without difficulty by converting the knowledge gained from development into educational videos.

Developing a product as an individual is a lot of work, but it is so worthwhile. Let's continue to give our best in development for each other.

I wish you the best of luck with your project. Please let me know if your project goes well.

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