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Let's use the VRoid project to create anime-style 3D models for game development.

The VRoid project run by Japan's Pixiv and the VRM format may enable game development and using familiar avatars across platforms.

Since the term "metaverse" became popular, many companies and individuals have been working on new technological areas. This article provides an overview of the VRoid project and how to utilize VRM file 3D models in your game development.

What is the VRoid Projects?

The VRoid project aims to enable everyone to have their 3D character models and use them for creative activities and communication.

Make 3D modeling easier.

Sample Scene of VroidStudio

Creating a humanoid avatar is challenging for beginners with tools such as Blender and ZBrush.

VRoid Project offers a free service that simplifies the creation and use of avatars.

What we can do with the VRoid Project.
  • VRoid Studio: Creating 3D avatars as if you were drawing an illustration.
  • VRoid Hub: 3D models can be published and viewed.
  • VRoid SDK: 3D models can be loaded into applications and games from the Vroid Hub.

It is excellent that these powerful tools are provided free of charge. For these reasons, many people in Japan and worldwide are currently using the Vroid Project.

Users are increasing rapidly, especially Vtubers, illustrators and cartoonists, and VR SNS users.

The following graph shows data as of May 2021.

Benefits for game developers to support VRM in their projects.

There are significant advantages to supporting VRM files in your project.

I have also developed VRM Posing Desktop, software that supports runtime loading of VRM files, and many users are happy with it.

Sample Scene of VRM Posing Desktop

I have been developing a project that supports reading VRM files. And I have seen many benefits from this experience.

Advantages of supporting VRM files.
  • Vtubers use VRM files, so the community is already huge.
  • Learn how, as VRM may be the core of the metaverse in the future.
  • Making the game's protagonist the user's avatar makes it easier for the user to like the product.

Thanks to the already mature community, my tweet announcing the release of the app received more than 2,000 likes, making me known to a large number of users.

VRM Posing Desktop's feature

Official announcement media.

Applications that implement the integration function with Vroid Hub will be posted on the official website, and we can expect an increase in the number of users from there.

App Page in VRoid Hub

How to use 3D models in VRM files in games and apps.

Any well-known game engine already has a package for handling VRM.

UniVRM (Unity)

To handle VRM in Unity, use the UniVRM package.

VRM4U (Unreal Engine)

To handle VRM in UnrealEngine, use the package VRM4U.

babylon-vrm-loader (WebGL)

To handle VRM on the web (babylon.js), use the package babylon-vrm-loader.


  • VRM file:
    Format of 3D model
  • Vroid Project:
    A set of services to easily create 3D models and load them into various applications, and it's free.

Let's incorporate the VRoid project into your game development and get users.

The technology related to 3D is full of possibilities.

I would be happy if I could help boost the industry together with you, the reader of this article.

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