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I started learning Unity and became a full-time indie developer within a year and a half

My experience gained from individual developments of more than 20 apps

For those who are learning to develop apps and games on their own, you may be wondering what strategy is best for you.

I used to have the same thoughts as you.

However, from there, as a result of trial and error, I became a full-time individual developer within a year and a half after I started teaching myself Unity!

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In this article, I would like to share my experience gained from releasing more than 20 apps to help you in any way I can.

1. There is a big difference between 0 users and 1 user.

There is a big difference between the numbers 0 and 1.

Take very good care of the first user.

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When you start learning game and app development, think about releasing your product quickly.

When you are learning, you dream big. But first, it is essential to know the reality.

  • Short term: Please don't suddenly attempt to develop AAA titles like Fortnite, Genshin, etc. It is easy to fall behind if you work on a long-term project while still inexperienced.
  • Make a lot: No one succeeds from the start. I developed more than 20 apps before establishing myself as a profitable and full-time developer.
  • Finding your first user: Let's find the 1st user who is interested in your product and actively gives you feedback.

Try to get the first of your fans and develop an app or game for them.

There is countless software out there, but you should be able to create a product that is special to that person.

Make your presence unique to that user.

Once the first core fan is acquired, the first step toward success is accomplished.

This is a huge step.

2. Accumulate many failures.

You should have already experienced success with the first step.

Next, let's embark on a trial-and-error adventure.

You are already closely interacting with one or more core users and generating some revenue from app and game development.

But, I think the following barriers often stand in the way.

  • 2-1. No increase in installations (lack of marketing)
  • 2-2. The project does not reach the quality you imagined (Insufficient development capacity)

Only a few geniuses can overcome these hurdles quickly.

This is where your journey of trial and error begins.

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2-1. lack of marketing

Marketing is the biggest challenge for individual developers.

This is because beginning developers, especially those who are just starting to learn Unity and Unreal Engine, often do not have the budget or the development skills to spend on advertising and other marketing initiatives.

A technique that will be effective there is the use of personal social networking sites.

Twitter and Youtube or Tiktok are free of charge.

The following article shows how an individual developer can use Youtube to attract more than 1,000 channel subscribers, which you can read in conjunction with this article if you like.

the main img of How to get over 1000 subscribers on Youtube
How to get over 1000 subscribers on Youtube
Marketing will be much easier if you have social networking following. Marketing is the most critical issue for individual game and app developers. No matter how great a product you develop, it is meaningless if there are no people to use it.
Read this article

I also recommend posting in-app links as part of your content marketing efforts.

Put links to your social networking sites in your released app so that you can get positive feedback via twitter DM.

In-app links are more effective the more products you release, so they are more effortless for individuals to perform.

2-2. Insufficient development capacity

Lack of knowledge in development can be a significant barrier. But, we can overcome this by learning.

Various technologies are required if one wants to develop an application or game alone.

  • UI Design
  • Programming
  • Creating images and videos for releases
  • etc.

In the beginning, you may want to save time by taking advantage of Unity Asset Store or Unreal MARKETPLACE.

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Keep learning and developing.

Of course, I'm also still learning myself.

3. A big clue is in a user's casual comment.

The trial and error process in Step 2 can provide valid feedback from users.

The user's voice is most important.

Constructive feedback from users holds the key to success.

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I could develop an application that generated significant revenue from user feedback.

But, the following points should be considered when listening to users.

  • Ignore those who slander.
  • Value the opinions of those who communicate suggestions for improvement and requests.

I was developing an application that applied animation to 3D characters as an illustration resource application that could pause at any time.

It was not perfect, but when I received a user request to customize poses, I developed a new product that could satisfy that need, and that pose customization application was a hit.

These are the lessons I have learned from releasing so many apps.

I don't think all of my experiences apply to you. Nevertheless, I hope that I have been able to provide you with some information that may be useful to you.


  • Learn:
    Release many products in a short period of time to maintain motivation.
  • Try:
    While utilizing game assets, etc., the company will acquire core fans while releasing a large number of products.
  • Success:
    Update existing projects based on feedback from core fans or release new products to ensure success.

Let's value your time and user input!!!

Thank you for reading to the end.

Best of luck in your development journey.

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