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I started learning Unity and became a full-time indie developer within a year and a half

Task and project management tools for indie developers.

Scheduling and task management are a part of the success or failure of individual development.

I started learning Unity on my own and became a full-time personal developer within a year and a half.

On top of that, I believe that task management is the most important thing.

In this article, I'll introduce my own task and project management method and the tools I use.

Individual developers want to increase their profit margins. For this reason, all of the tools presented here are free.

[Todoist] Task Management

First of all, my number one tool is Todoist.

I like the following aspects of Todoist.

  • It is straightforward to use.
  • Daily and routine tasks.
  • Status management is also available.
  • Widgets can be placed on your smartphone.

Simple operation

Smart, and save time.

The simple user experience and cool UI design will save you a lot of time in task management.

Upcoming UI of Todoist

Various functions are available to simplify task grasping.

  • Upcoming: Tasks with due dates are displayed in this area. It is beneficial to keep track of the most recent schedule.
  • Projects: We can categorize tasks by project.
  • Labels: We can freely set multiple labels to narrow down tasks in more detail.

Daily and routine tasks.

In the Due Date field, we can register dates and routines such as "every day."

I could build a habit by registering routine tasks such as exercising and learning English.

routine tasks in Todoist

We can also set up follow other recurring due dates, which is very convenient and saves time inputting the information.

Examples of recurring due dates

  • every day or daily:
    Every day starting from today
  • every night:
    Every day at 10pm
  • every weekday or every workday:
    Every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday
  • every week or weekly:
    Every week starting today
  • every 3rd friday:
    Every 3rd Friday of the month
  • every hour:
    Every hour starting from now
  • etc.

There are many more, so if you are interested, check the official Todoist page.

Status management is also available.

Todoist helps for project and idea management as it can manage tasks in a list format and a card format UI.

routine tasks in Todoist

Also, with mobile, we can add widgets to the home screen, which I use to check today's tasks on my smartphone when I wake up.

Since I started using Todoist, I have greatly improved my task accomplishment rate.

[Notion] Project Management

There are significant advantages to supporting VRM files in your project.

Notion is a powerful tool not only for managing projects, but also for managing data like Excel or spreadsheets.

Notion can also manage tasks, but I think Todoist is better suited for me.

When collaborating with others on a project, I recommend using Notion because Todoist makes it difficult.

Why I use Notion.
  • We can get a link to share with anyone on the Notion page.
  • Easy to manage data.
  • Document Management and PDF Export.

Public link

It is very convenient to make the page available to anyone and publish the URL.

I use Notion to manage my app update schedule and share it with my users.

Update Schedule

My app's update schedule

This way, I can communicate with users smoothly.

Data management

Data management functions are also excellent and can be displayed as a grid or table, as shown below.

Grid View Grid View of Notion
Table View Table View of Notion

Document Management

Document management is also easy.

You can create work instructions and share them with others, URL others or export them as PDFs.

Export the document as PDF

What I keep in mind when tasking and scheduling

Life is like a marathon.

cool room

There are a few things to keep in mind as you continue your activities with task management.

  • Have a backup plan to reduce psychological damage if you cannot complete tasks.
  • Make regular days to take a break.
  • Check your goals and what you want to be every day.


  • Todoist:
    The most powerful solution for daily and routine tasks.
  • Notion:
    Page sharing and data management tools.

Continue the activity while having a backup plan in place.

Let's continue to do our best and complete tasks with each other.

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