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I started learning Unity and became a full-time indie developer within a year and a half

Unity VS Unreal Engine. Which should IndieDev use?

Choosing a game engine is the biggest topic for indie developers.

In this article, I will describe the features and benefits of Unity and Unreal Engine, along with my experience as a full-time independent developer.

First of all, my experience

My development journey started with learning Unity, and I decided to learn in Unity after watching a Youtube video by the creator of The First Tree.

I can say first from my experience that if you want to quickly become a full-time indie developer, Unity is most likely a better fit for you.

On the other hand, I think Unreal Engine can quickly produce higher quality graphics than Unity.

an images of journey

Here are some of the things I liked about starting indie development with Unity

  • Easy to learn because of the well-developed community, many Youtube videos, and learning materials.
  • Easy to monetize because it is effortless to implement Analytics, UnityAds, and In-app-purchase.
  • VRoid SDK, a 3D model platform in VRM file format, only supports Unity.

Please read the following article for more information about VRoid Project, which allows you to make 3D models quickly and use them in various applications.

the main img of How to get over 1000 subscribers on Youtube
Let's use the VRoid project to create anime-style 3D models for game development.
The VRoid project run by Japan's Pixiv and the VRM format may enable game development and using familiar avatars across platforms. Since the term metaverse became popular, many...
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Both Unity Engine and Unreal Engine are excellent game engines. You should learn whichever one you are interested in.

Unreal Engine has the following features.

  • Easy to develop high-quality, high-performance games.
  • PC specs are required more than Unity for development, so the initial investment is more expensive.

Let's compare games made with each game engine

It is easy to understand the characteristics of the engines when comparing games developed with each of the game engines.

Made with Unity

  • FallGuys

Fall Guys brings together a large group of participants online to dash through round after round of escalating chaos until only one winner is left!

Fight strange obstacles, push past unruly competitors, and overcome the stringent laws of physics to avoid humiliation and elimination.

  • PokemonGo

Pokémon GO lets you discover Pokémon in a whole new world.

Join trainers from around the world as they explore the world around them and discover Pokémon.

  • Genshin Impact
Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact is an open-world action RPG in which players travel throughout Tayvat to find their lost siblings and to seek answers from Seven, the god who controls each element.

Cooperating with various characters, players will explore a mysterious world while unraveling the countless mysteries that lie in Tivat.

  • Super Mario Run
Super Mario Run

Unlike other games, Mario runs by himself in Super Mario Run.

The only control is to tap the screen to jump.

The more you tap, the higher you jump so that you can play even with one hand.

Unity has a wide range of uses, from mobile to console gaming!

Made with Unreal

  • Fortnite

In Fortnite, you and your friends fight to be the last man standing in a battle royale.

It is a completely free online game where you join forces to create your own creative game or watch live in a party royale.

  • PUBG

PUBG Mobile offers the most intense multiplayer battles on your cell phone.

Join the battle, gear up, and play to win. Survive epic 100-player battles in Classic Mode, Payload Mode, fast-paced 4-on-4 Team Deathmatch Mode, and Infection Mode.

  • Street Fighter V
Street Fighter V

Experience intense head-to-head combat in Street Fighter V!

Earn fight money in ranked matches, have fun in casual games, or invite your friends to the Battle Lounge and see who comes out on top!

  • Dragon Quest XI
Dragon Quest XI

Dragon Quest XI continues the gameplay of previous titles in the series, including the ability to explore the world and fight various monsters, such as the ability to explore high altitudes.

Unreal Engine tends to be used for AAA games and other high quality titles.

Unity versus Unreal Engine

Each has its own advantages.

I think that the games developed have given you a rough idea of the characteristics of each engine.

Let's take a look at each game engine in detail.


The following Youtube video is an easy way to understand the difference in graphics rendering.

I feel that Unreal Engine can create beautiful graphics more efficiently than Unity.

Usage Fees

Unity Unreal
Basically free. Basically free.
Once the business reaches a certain size, it enters a fixed fee plan. 5% royalty on sales once the cumulative total exceeds $1,000,000
Abount Unity Plans Abount a 5% royalty of Unreal

Unity is more conscientious about fees.

I subscribe to Unity Plus for $400 per year.

Unreal Engine has a percentage of cumulative royalties, so there is no cap on the fees you pay.

Target Platform

Platform Unity Unreal
Android OK OK
Linux OK OK
Windows OK OK
Nintendo Switch OK OK
Xbox One OK OK
PlayStation Vita OK ×
WebGL OK ×

Both can be built for a wide range of platforms.

Ease of use

Unity game engine is light, Unreal Engine editor is heavy.

Unity has simpler controls and systems, but UE5 seems slightly more convenient.

UnrealEngine is very complicated with complex asset types and management. In addition, moving, deleting, and importing assets takes a long time in UE.

Unity, on the other hand, has a simple asset structure, and the editor itself is simple and easy to use.

Future potential as a game engine

the image of future city

Both have potential.

Unity generally specializes in mobile devices, while Unreal specializes in PC and home consoles.

UnrealEngine is the one with the most momentum.

However, Unity has by far the largest population, and I don't see UnrealEngine surpassing Unity's population for some time.

I have discussed the differences between these game engines above, and I think you should use whichever you prefer.

Please use the contents of this article to start using Unity or Unreal Engine.


Who is relatively recommended to use Unity

  • Fast:
    Those who intend to develop in a small team or individually.
  • Easy:
    Those who want to implement analytics and monetization quickly.
  • Reasonable:
    Those who do not want to pay a percentage royalty when revenue is generated? (With Unity, you can subscribe to a flat rate plan based on the size of your business.)

Who might be better off using the Unreal Engine

  • high quality:
    People who want to make games with beautiful graphics and AAA titles (meaning blockbuster hits).
  • high spec:
    People who own a high-spec PC.
  • Unlimited royalties:
    Those with no problem pay a 5% royalty when the cumulative sales of the games they create exceed $1,000,000.
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