Be creative with your 3d models.
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VRM Posing Mobile

VRM Posing Mobile

Mobile and handy high-function posing

This is an app that allows you to make your character pose in various ways in conjunction with Vroid Hub.

Sample Scene
IK for pose customize
VRM Posing Mobile Features
  • You can use your character in the app by connecting with Vroid Hub.
  • A wide variety of characters are available even by default.
  • You can make your character pose.
  • Customize your character's pose.
Sample Scene
various effects
Recommended for
  • People who want to use it as a reference material for illustration.
  • Vtubers who want to pose their characters for thumbnails.
  • I want to be healed by looking at my character.
Sample Scene
make your characters cool
Why I developed this app

I run a personal development and Youtube channel under the name Evelyn GameDev. I use 3D models created with Vroid Studio as my avatar in my activities.